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YOGA is about connecting the body, mind and heart, creating unity in our whole being. The strength of this unity depends on our weakest link, whether it is physically, mentally or emotionally

CRITICAL ALIGNMENT provides precise tools to investigate these links, and opens pathways to re-align the weakest links to the rest of our being. Re-aligning yourself creates a sense of wholeness: a true feeling of being at ease with yourself, and with the world around you

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How your lower back posture influences breathing and stress

How your lower back posture influences breathing and stress

The first step to change stress is to become aware of your breathing

Complicated tasks, stressful moments and difficult situation are and will be everywhere we go in life. Sometimes more than we want. Breathing exercises are an excellent, quick and easy solution to relieve stress, and make us more aware of our breathing patterns. And as I always say: becoming conscious is the first step to change habitual patterns that don’t serve us (anymore). The feedback of my dance teacher struck me like lightening. Ever since that moment I paid much more attention to my breathing, eventually sparking my enthusiasm for pranayama. It definitely made my jumping exercises lighter and much more enjoyable.

Why runners need to pay more attention to body alignment

Why runners need to pay attention to body posture and alignment

Running form is a hot topic these days. And I think it should be. Your running posture defines how your body will absorb the impact of each running stride: will the impact flow freely through your body and exit through the head, or will it hit your weakest link in the body and create overuse and stiffness in certain parts of your body?

In this blog post I will explain good running posture, it’s importance and how to find out which compensation tendencies you have.

Tension and stress define your running posture

3 exercises to reduce neck pain after screen time

3 exercises to reduce neck pain

Let me have a bold guess: you’re probably reading this post from a bright screen. Are you nodding? I feel you, as I’m writing this on my laptop. For me, it takes about 3 hours behind the screen, until I start to feel pressure in my upper back and soreness in my neck. It makes me feel dull in my head and strained in my neck and trapezius muscle. Totally bleh.

Do you recognize this feeling after your screen time? Than this blog post is definitely for you!

Some facts about the neck pain

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