For Runners

A series of CAY workshops, especially adapted to runners. We’ll analyze correct running alignment, and focus on injury prevention, and the build up of endurance and relaxation in your run.

Why CA for Runners?

Running is not something you just start doing. To avoid injuries and discomfort, it is important to have a thorough running technique, correct breathing and a clear focus. Exactly what we will analyze during this workshop series!

Stress and habitual patterns; how do they affect our run?

In daily life we are all confronted with stress, which manifests itself mentally and physically. Eventually, it can develop into muscles tension and blockages, leading to movement compensation in other parts of the body. If we don’t address these stress patterns, the compensations can lead to abnormalities in posture, increasing the risk of pain and injuries.

When we run, these stress symptoms accompany us. With each step we take, our body absorbs 2-3 times our body weight, which means that our ‘weak’ body parts endure extra strain by absorbing the shocks created by every step. Furthermore, shallow breathing and a runner’s focus fueled by willpower, can lead to additional stress during and after your run.

The road to effortless running and more endurance

Critical Alignment activates our innate movement chains and creates an optimal use of muscle strength and flexibility. The goal of this workshop is to practice an effortless running style, by using a correct body alignment and gravity to propel us forward, and an open and deep breathing technique to optimize our natural fuel. As a consequence, your running will feel lighter and easier, leading to a stronger endurance and ultimately a faster pace.

Composition of the workshop

Each workshop class starts with a 75 minutes Critical Alignment class, focusing on a certain part of the body and its effect on our run. After the class we step outside for a running technique practice, where we translate the focus of the CAY class to our running. The last 15 minutes we return to the studio, and calm the body through inversions and breathing exercises.

Don’t forget your running shoes!

The CA for Runners workshop is build up in 4 consecutive classes:

  • Class 1: How to run from a stable and strong core, opening up belly breathing
  • Class 2: How to free our leg movement from the lower back and hips
  • Class 3: How to create a natural rotation during running
  • Class 4: How to align our head to avoid shoulder and neck strain

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Spring 2019

The next ‘CA for Runners’ workshop is being planned in spring 2019. Be the first to know about the starting date by signing up for my newsletter.


Full workshop series: $150
Single workshop: $45


Yoga of Los Altos
377 1st Street,
Los Altos, CA

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FAQs about Critical Alignment Yoga Classes

Is this workshop for beginning or for experienced runners

This class is for runners and yogis of all levels, from total beginners to experienced yoga practicioners and athletes. A part of the class will be outside, where we will apply the CA-technique of the class to our running posture. We will run a couple of small loops at a time, so it really doesn’t matter how far or how fast you can run.

How far or fast are we going to run?

We are only going to run a couple of loops at the time, around the parking lot at the back side of the studio. How many loops you want to do is totally dependent on your pace and endurance. If you want you can take it easy and even walk in between the runs, because we are running in loops, we will always stay together!

Are we running outside or is the whole class in the yoga studio?

We are going to run outside, as we want to apply what we learned in the yoga session to our running technique. So please bring your running shoes!

I am a runner, but currently injured. Can I still attend the class?

I am sorry to hear you are injured! It totally depends on your injury if you can attend the class. A big part of the class is about resolving tension-related pain, which can lead to injuries (also the typical runners injuries). Please send an e-mail to me regarding your injury, so I can discuss with you if attending the class is currently a good idea.

Happy Praises

“The ‘CA for Runners’ workshop made me more aware of my body and posture, helping me to find more relaxation during my run. This created a spacious and a natural ‘tread’, an easy and effortless run that makes running not a toil but a joy!”

“I am running for 4 years now, and was suffering pain and discomfort until I encountered the ‘CA for Runners’ classes of Zita. My running became lighter and more effortless, as I rediscovered my core strength and my lower back started to move more freely. The inversions at the end of the class decreased muscle soreness after a run significantly.”

“Thanks to the very accessible ‘CA for Runners’ classes, I’ve become much more conscious about my running. Now I truly enjoy my run workout, instead of trying to constantly reach my high standards. I also feel less discomfort from my injuries; I used to have severe pain in my ankles and knees during running. Now I understand why things go wrong during my running practice, and how I can avoid strain and tension that leads to my pain.”


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