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A deep therapeutic practice, in which we focus on back related injuries and alignment challenges specific to you, helping you move more easily and pain-free.

How does Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT) work?

Stress and wrong posture lead to increased muscle tension and malformations

The first principle of CAT is that stress and wrong posture lead to increased tension in the muscles of your shoulders, upper back and neck, or in other cases in the lower back and pelvis. These tensions develop distortions of the skeleton and constriction of blood vessels and nerves, which creates physical complaints.

High muscle tension creates stiffness in the back, and constraints passage of movement through the spine. Some parts of the spine may even become completely blocked, and other parts have to compensate these limited movements. These compensational areas are the areas where we typically develop complaints like pain or soreness, and a lot of therapies focus solely on these compensation areas, instead of going to the root of the problem. Critical Alignment always searches for the source of the complains, as only then you will experience long-term relief.

Release your tensions and reclaim your health

The second principle of CAT aims on reclaim your own health: it is imperative that you take responsibility and practice at home, ultimately creating an independence of the teacher/therapist. The home exercises will be developed and practiced together with the teacher, until you feel secure enough to repeat them by yourself. The frequency of CAT sessions will therefore typically decrease from 1-2 times per week initially, to once per 2-4 weeks in a later phase.

Three steps in restoring muscle function and spinal mobility

In the CAT practice, we will always follow these three steps to create a long-term improvement:

  1. Relaxation of the tensed superficial movement muscles
  2. Improvement in the flexibility of the skeleton
  3. Increase in the strength and coordination of the deep postural muscles

By making the spine strong and flexible again, it can reclaim its natural function: to keep the body upright and mobile, and support all of our daily movements. As blocked areas start to move again, it will stimulate our blood circulation, liberate our breathing and improve the function of our nervous system. Stress will belong to the past, and your life will be at ease again.

Is Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT) for me?

Critical Alignment is accessible to every ‘body’. It can help someone who is suffering from back-related pain and discomfort, it can help beginners who want to start practicing yoga in a safe way, and it can help advanced practitioners who want to deepen their yoga practice. CA Therapy sessions is specifically interesting for those suffering from back (related) injuries, chronic pain or stress symptoms, and want to have a one-on-one guidance through exercises. Offered in a safe, restorative atmosphere, the CAY practice incites curiosity about the body and how to develop healthy movement patterns and an open, calm and at ease state of being. Both on and off the yoga mat.
If you are unsure whether your body is ready for CAT, please contact your physician. Always feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

First Private Session - Assessment

60 minutes

The assessment includes analyzing your complaints and discussing wishes and goals. We will also practice some exercises, which you can repeat at home.

CAT Package

Initial assessment & 5 CAT sessions

This package includes five one-on-one sessions. With the purchase of this package, the assessment is for free. (20% off)

Private Class

60 minutes

This includes a 45-minute practice, and 15 minutes of evaluation before and after the practice, where we look at the current state and define next steps to reach the goal.


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FAQs about Critical Alignment Yoga Classes

Do you have a medical background?

Although CAY&T teachers are specialized in back-related problems and injuries, we don’t have a medical background. I therefore cannot provide any medical advice on injuries or diseases during my classes. Please refer to your medical doctor or physician if you have physical complaints, injuries or are unsure whether Critical Alignment Therapy is a right fit for you.

How do I book a CAT session?

Please send me an email to me, stating your complaint, your question and how to reach you. Please use this form.

How long will it take until I feel the effect of Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT)?

In a world of quick and easy treatments to cure ailments, this question is a very legit one. With CAT we try to discover and dismantle stiffness and tensions that have been build up for years. These tensions are often the root of our back (related) pain and stress. Although feelings of relief and lessening of tension are experienced within the first few weeks of the practice, resolving structural stress will most likely take a longer time. How long exactly is completely dependent on the practice frequency and the nature of the complaint.

Do you provide CAT at a different location?

I currently only teach at Yoga of Los Altos, and will also teach the private sessions there. If you wish to use a different location, please contact me so we can discuss this.

Happy Praises

“Anyone who has experienced a serious lower back injury will know how debilitating the fear of hurting your back again can be. I was desperate for a solution, when I started Critical Alignment Therapy sessions. Zita was exactly the teacher I was looking for. She is very knowledgeable and has a gentle, but very clear way of teaching, which inspires trust. With the help of Zita, I regained mobility and found new strength in my back. Without the previous painkillers or the steroid injections, I am now up and running again. I am truly grateful.”

Mountain View (CA)

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