Pre-Teacher Training Program

A special CAY program, that is designed to deepen your understanding of the Critical Alignement Method. The program is especially interesting for yogis who consider participating in the official CA Teacher Training by Gert Van Leeuwen in the future.

Why this Pre-Teacher Training Program?

This Pre-Teacher Training Program is a journey into the Method of Critical Alignment Yoga, combined with the opportunity to discuss deeper layers of the method, and share questions/doubts and discoveries/revelations with the CAY teacher and the group. This will help not only to experience and grow in your CAY practice physically but also helps you to understand the method on a profound level.

The program creates a foundational understanding of CAY, which is necessary for the participation in the official CA Yoga Teacher Training Course with Gert van Leeuwen.

Certification of Completion
You will receive a Certification of Completion from Zita van Wees. The Teachers Training of Gert van Leeuwen will provide you an official CAY&T-Certification from Gert van Leeuwen/the CAY&T Institute. Gert his Teacher Training are currently organized in Moskou and Malaysia. With enough interest, Gert will be coming to the Bay Area in 2020/2021.

Official Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy Teacher Training and Retreats, 2019-2020 Schedule:
Please find the current schedule for training/retreats in this CAY TT and Retreats Overview. All workshops are taught by Gert van Leeuwen or his senior teachers.

Note: At this moment in time CAY does NOT participate in the Yoga Alliance Credit system.

Composition of the program

Movement Connections

• Analysis of 11 CAY Movement Connections
• Understanding of 5 tension lines in the back, and their physical and emotional effect
• Understanding the use of the body to process physical and emotional tension
• Exploration of CAY props, and possibilities for your yoga class and own practice

Teacher Skills and Understanding
• Analysis of various habitual posture patterns and how to address them
• Analysis of how to support students to move deeper or safely into a pose (verbal and hands-on)
• Understanding of the importance of word choice and why precise verbal guidance is so important

Personal development as a CAY yoga teacher
• Along the way, we are going to unravel questions like: Why do I do yoga? Where am I as a yoga teacher today? Where do I want to go? How can I teach from an authentic voice? The clearer we get about our personal intentions, the deeper (more meaningful) the practice will be.

Recommended during the program:
• Participating in all 2.5h CAY Intensive Classes
• Taking 1 weekly class with Zita at Yoga Of Los Altos (see weekly schedule here)
• Practicing CAY at home (dedicate about 1-3hrs a week)
• Working through the CAY book (topics/pages will be directed by Zita)

Feel free to reach out to me!


Sign up for the
CA Pre-Teacher Training Course

Fall 2019
September 4 – December 11, 2019  
(15 weeks)
Wednesdays from 12.30pm – 3.00pm

15 weeks program: 1350$
Including 2 CAY props: Strip and Velt Mat
• Including book: ‘Yoga: Critical Alignment’ by Gert van Leeuwen
Note: If you have the props and book already, the price of the item(s) will be deducted from the course price.

What else is included (BONUS):
• Personal 30” one-on-one assessment with Zita before start of program
• Personal 30” one-on-one evaluation with Zita before the end of 2019
• Access to private Facebook page with weekly tips, exploration topics and sharings

Additional (Optional) Costs
The strip and velt mat are included in course price. Other CAY props are optional, but recommended for your home practice (block 60$, headstander 185$, backbender 185$).

Yoga of Los Altos
377 1st Street, Los Altos, CA

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FAQs about CA Pre-Teacher Training Program

Who will teach the official Critical Alignment Teacher Training?

Gert van leeuwen, founder of the Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy Method, teaches his Teacher Trainings all over the world. His knowledge and wisdom are unprecedented, so make sure to take the official CAY&T TT Course with him!

Please note: the Pre-TT Program will be taught by me, Zita van Wees. I’ve completed all of Gert his teachers trainings, and worked closely with Gert during the last 8 years. Gert and me are now working together to provide you the best CAY&T Training experience, to make sure you get all you need to become a professional Critical Alignment teacher.


When and where will the official Critical Alignment Teacher Training be?

As of now we are still determining the dates and location for the – first ever – CA teacher Training course in the US. If you want to stay updated, make sure you sign up to my Mailing List at the bottom of this page.

Where can I find more information on Critical Alignment Yoga?

Please visit and search for the English button in the menu (please note: initial website is in Dutch). There will be some video’s and interesting reading material on Critical Alignment waiting for you.

Who is Zita van Wees?

Please check out the about page on this website, to find more information on my background. 

Happy Praises

“I look forward to CAY with Zita each week. Although the class is simple, the movements can be challenging due to old ingrained habits of poor posture. In CAY, I am learning how to relax the tension within and around my spine, creating new habits for better posture. In addition to a better posture, I am able to breathe more deeply and with ease. Within a month, I’ve noticed a huge improvements within my body, the class, other yoga classes, and in my everyday life. I highly recommend this class for people of all levels.”

Los Altos (CA)

“Zita is a phenomenal teacher. Thoughtful, knowledgeable, articulate – she gets you in and out of postures safely, accommodating your specific needs. Prior to her classes, I often felt like my spine was working in isolation. Now, I feel the muscles around the spine, I can feel the support around my movement. I’m excited to continue learning from Zita, everyone needs this strength!”

Bay Area (CA)
“Thanks to the very accessible ‘CA for Runners’ classes, I’ve become much more conscious about my running. Now I truly enjoy my run workout, instead of trying to constantly reach my high standards. I also feel less discomfort from my injuries; I used to have severe pain in my ankles and knees during running. Now I understand why things go wrong during my running practice, and how I can avoid strain and tension that leads to my pain.”


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