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Back related pain, sore muscles & feelings of stress often originate from a stiff and unstable spine.

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Critical Alignment Yoga Retreat 2024

What is CAY?

Critical Alignment Yoga (CAY) focuses on mobilizing the spine, in order to release muscle tension and stress, restore crucial mobility and build up core strength and balance.

In doing so, it liberates emotions and introduces a lighter, more meditative consciousness into everything you do. With Critical Alignment Yoga, you will feel more free in your body and therefore life, aiding a sense of ease – on and off the yoga mat.

The Benefits of Critical Alignment Yoga & Therapy

  • Deepen your body awareness by identifying your unconscious habitual patterns, and see how these habits limit movement and become sources of back (related) pain, discomfort, stress and even injury.
  • Interrupt unhealthy habitual patterns from the inside out, linking your body and mind through asana, pranayama and meditation.
  • Restore crucial mobility and build up core strength and balance.
  • Refine your practice (inversions, standing postures, forward bends, backbends, twists, and seated postures) through precise, subtle physiological adjustments.
  • Enhance a sense of freedom by bringing ease and lightness into your practice and ultimately into your life.

Happy Praises

“Zita is a phenomenal teacher. Thoughtful, knowledgeable, articulate – she gets you in and out of postures safely, accommodating your specific needs. Prior to her classes, I often felt like my spine was working in isolation. Now, I feel the muscles around the spine, I can feel the support around my movement. I’m excited to continue learning from Zita, everyone needs this strength!”

Maria Shen
Bay Area, CA

“Anyone who has experienced a serious lower back injury will know how debilitating the fear of hurting your back again can be. I was desperate for a solution, when I started Critical Alignment Therapy sessions. Zita was exactly the teacher I was looking for. She is very knowledgeable and has a gentle, but very clear way of teaching, which inspires trust. With the help of Zita, I regained mobility and found new strength in my back. Without the previous painkillers or the steroid injections, I am now up and running again I am truly grateful.”

Mountain View, CA

“I look forward to CAY with Zita each week. Although the class is simple, the movements can be challenging due to old ingrained habits of poor posture. In CAY, I am learning how to relax the tension within and around my spine, creating new habits for better posture. In addition to a better posture, I am able to breathe more deeply and with ease. Within a month, I’ve noticed a huge improvements within my body, the class, other yoga classes, and in my everyday life. I highly recommend this class for people of all levels.”

Athena Phan
Bay Area, CA

About Zita Van Wees

Hi! I’m Zita, a happy active soul and mom of two beautiful strong-willed ladies. I’m also a certified Critical Alignment Yoga & Therapy teacher.

Back pain, bad posture and stress symptoms are becoming an epidemic. And yes, I’ve been there myself! After years of intensive sports and intense stress from working in the corporate world, I was suffering from aggravating back pain and a chronic disease. Desperate to recover, I tried many different therapies, but nothing seemed to help. After I was introduced to Critical Alignment Yoga, my spine became much more flexible, my stiff and painful muscles started to relax, my core became stronger, but most importantly… I felt at ease in my body again, and regained trust to reclaim my active life!

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